I want to invite a new use of the word faith, one that is not associated with a dogmatic religious interpretation or divisiveness. I want to encourage delight in the word, to help reclaim faith as fresh, vibrant, intelligent and liberating. This is a faith that emphasizes love and respect for ourselves as a foundation. It is a faith that uncovers our connection to others, rather than designating anyone as separate and apart.
~Sharon Salzberg
     Whether we recognize it or not, all human beings are spiritual – though not necessarily Poisereligious – beings. One way to understand spirituality is to understand it as the way we find meaning in life – and human beings are meaning seeking creatures. As we journey along the spiritual path, it can be very helpful to have an experienced guide to help us on the way. Spiritual guidance, sometimes called spiritual companioning or spiritual direction, is an ancient practice existing in most every spiritual tradition. Whether you are seeking help in developing your own spiritual practice, have specific questions about your particular journey, or would like to bounce ideas off an experienced guide, we are ready to help!
     Spiritual guidance is not the same thing as psychotherapy, though it can be a useful companion to psychotherapy. Its focus is on spiritual issues and spiritual practice. You might say that spiritual guidance helps us examine the great questions of life, find a way to express our own authentic spirituality, and examine ethical and moral issues. The spiritual guide never imposes their own beliefs, but rather helps the client to arrive at their own conclusions. Craig has a special interest in Interspirituality and spirituality at the margins of established religion and beyond, those who identify as Spiritual but not Religious, Spirituality and Mental Illness, and Spirituality and Trauma Recovery.
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