All the brave protesters shouting "I am free," Spinning in their box for some pigeon feed. Rage on their faces, rifles at their side, "Don't mess with me because I know my rights!" Convincing themselves much ado about nothing So much better than a little blue pill. Spending all your time compensating, Still at the…

The Great Lie

From farm to factoryThey said it would be a betterLife and so we upped and movedThough they did not say for whom.From working hard to workingHarder the open spaces hadDisappeared in favorOf canned sardines packed on a shelf.It is all your fault theySaid and so we redoubled ourEfforts to no avail wagesStagnant as expenses climbed.As…


I wonder how many Misadventures have started As projects conceived Early Saturday. Ambition rushing out to Home Depot, nothing Save twine, a car roof And what seemed like a master plan. Roadside tragedy Splintered hands, frayed rope Shattered plywood, airborne bed Witness plans awry.

Thoughts on the Weekend

Who is to blame? Shooters keep killing Moscow Mitch keeps on ducking Problem will remain unchanged The Lie Guns don't make a man Violence is always wrong Real men suffer with The Truth Feel less than manly? The problem is not outside You must look within