Oh yes, everyone is wounded. Me too. I understand. You have all been broken and it’s terribly unfair. Of course we all haven’t been wounded in the same degree or in the same way, nevertheless we are wounded. Someone or several someones have damaged us unfairly. It never should have happened. Can we stipulate to that?

I’d like to point out that having something bad happen is a nearly universal experience. Despite that, some of us are fixated on being recognized as special just because we have been wounded. The problem is that woundedness cannot possibly confer special status if nearly everyone has been through it! What’s more, no amount of reparations is going to change your woundedness. You will just become wounded with some extra cash on hand. The only thing that changes woundedness is working through it, often with the help of a qualified counselor. In healing you will have to surrender the erroneous notion that you are special, a task that can be quite difficult if you have built your identity around your woundedness.

Maybe the worst part of all this is that we can become so distracted by our woundedness that we forget to live. We forget to move on. We forget that our lives are so much more than being wounded. We limit our own potential for growth and happiness by refusing to heal and move on. Playing the victim can become the only life we know, and it’s not much of a life at all. We cannot possibly more toward the future while living in the past.