In light of the King Soopers shooting in Boulder, Colorado, the same tired old discussions are starting anew. At least Congress is starting to be honest and some are admitting they oppose gun control because they fear it would make it difficult when reelection time rolls around. Reflect on that statement for just a moment. What it means is they value their own reelection more than they value lives. They are willing to see you and people you love killed if it means their reelection chances aren’t hurt. That alone should make you enraged.

It seems that people, especially elected officials, want to redefine the issue when these shootings happen. They want you to believe it’s about the Second Amendment to the Constitution, but it’s not. They say that people who support gun control want to take their guns, but they don’t. They say they are standing up for American values, but they aren’t – they are standing in their own self interest. Shootings like this one, nearly a daily event in America, are about people getting killed. People who want to ban automatic weapons want to work toward keeping people safe. Will one law do it? Of course not, especially when every attempt to make serious change is obfuscated by the like of Ted Cruz and his ilk.

So don’t let anyone tell you this is about guns. This is about death. This is about the truth that nobody can oppose gun control and credibly claim to be pro life. Anyone who takes that stance is supporting all pregnancies being carried to term because they are worried they might run out of targets at the next mass shooting. Enough. Nobody needs an assault rifle. Nobody needs a high capacity magazine. Nobody needs to die because some schmuck has a Rambo fantasy.