For quite a while I have noticed a disturbing social media trend, especially among younger women. They post pictures of themselves looking away from the camera so you can see their (at times freakishly large) butts. Much of the time they are at least looking over their shoulder at the camera, but sometimes they don’t. Such a picture says, “here is the most important, attractive part of me.” Since there is a trendy sexual fascination with big butts, these pictures send the message that the most important aspect – perhaps even the only important aspect – of these young women is their attractiveness as a sexual partner. Generations of feminists are screaming silently.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be attractive to those whom we find attractive. Nobody is campaigning to be voted the least attractive person on the block. We all want the pictures taken of us to be flattering, to the extent that some people avoid having their picture taken with great dedication. By featuring mostly pictures of our backsides, we are sending a message that says my primary value is that you will have a surface on which to take notes when you bend me over and have sex with me, and you won’t be bothered by pesky sounds and words (from my mouth at least) because my face will be in a pillow. I hate to be the one to break this news, but that isn’t a empowering position…

The old maxim here rings true: No matter how good looking someone is, sooner or later you have to talk to them and no matter how great a conversationalist someone is, sooner or later you have to look at them. I would hasten to add that if you think someone has a apple bottom, you’re buying your produce at the wrong place! It used to be that women got upset if they thought men were staring at their breasts. Now they are offering for men (and women) a side to start at with impunity, unless of course they have eyes in the back of their heads.

Ultimately, the most important sex organ is the brain. That’s a fortunate thing, because looks will fade over time and butts will sag – to the point where it may sound like a round of applause every time someone walks out of the room. Initial attraction is a physically based event, no doubt, but if a person spends eight hours a day in the gym doing squats there may well be a kind of social deficit that develops that will impact your relationships more than your butt ever could. Be proud of your appearance, take good care of yourself, attend to your health, recognize that bigger isn’t always better – in fact, beyond a point, it never is better. Be a well rounded person, and not just in your behind!

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