Here’s a great, healthy way to pass the time during your quarantine!

Be Inspired..!!

Everyone loves a good smooch but did you know there are actual health benefits to a good make out session? So if you want an easy way to see the dentist less, don’t forget to kiss.

The physical act of kissing works over 29 muscles in your face. A quick romantic kiss will burn 2 to 3 calories. A solid French kiss burns 5 calories. An average person spends 20,160 minutes of their lives kissing. A single kiss can contain up to 278 different types of bacteria but don’t worry 95% of them are harmless.

Here are a few health benefits of kissing :

  • In case you forgot your toothbrush – French kissing increases saliva flow which can help reduce oral plaque which can cause cavities. Kissing also stimulates the immune system to create antibodies to the new bacteria.
  • Throw away headache medications – Kissing increases blood flow to the…

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