The biggest mistake we ever made was allowing people to convince us that (1) God was outside us, and (2) that they could tell us how to find where God was hiding.

hiding_jesus2Of course, that’s a wonderful racket if you can sustain it, and many people and institutions have done very well for themselves sustaining it, but in the end it has to fail simply because they are telling us to look in the wrong place. God isn’t “out there,” just waiting to pop out from behind a tree once we get it all right. Once we stop saying “fuck,” or going to Wal-Mart wearing something absurd, or drinking too much, or anything else, then surely God will pop out from a really surprising hiding place.

Let me ask a simple question: Can you leave your body? Even if you think you can, and on some level I might agree that some of us can but only in part, the truth is that we remain in our bodies even if we venture out for a walk or a visit with Shirley McLaine. It only stands to reason that if it is possible to find God then God must be accessible to us in our everyday lives where we are living them. If we want to “find” God, we need to look within. That means we have to clear away the things that distract us, not accumulate more of them. That means that any teacher who tells us we need special equipment or a special location in order to succeed is selling us a bunch of nonsense. The teachers we need will help us journey within, because that is where what we are looking for resides.

3 thoughts on “Searching for God

  1. Don’t put God in a box. Some may have realized God,s existence through “finding” him. That does not mean that’s the only way to come to know him. How God communicates his reality to the individual is his business. You can’t judge others by the, apparently, lack-luster experiences you have had with some fellow human beings.


    1. Thanks for your comment. I am afraid that somehow I didn’t communicate my point to you very well at all, for which I apologize. I do believe we are all free to search for and find the God of our experience and understanding. I also find it quite sad that many settle for a rather small vision of that God.


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