4 thoughts on “The Biggest Lie

      1. Bishop Craig,

        I do not intend to sound trite here, but that is a rather odd question coming from a bishop. My comment above was intended as food for thought. Best wishes.


      2. Oh, Larry, Larry, Larry. I guess you were just out for your morning troll and I assumed you actually wanted dialogue. Unfortunately for you, I don’t tolerate trolls very well, so if you intend to make further comments please make them substantive and honest.

        In truth, my question wasn’t odd at all – it was quite serious and a thoughtful response to your post. Your comment about needing God, in response to my assertion that we have all we need, suggests a God who is removed from us and inaccessible to us except, perhaps, under special circumstances. That’s part of the company line in some traditions, which is why I asked which vision or version of God you espoused. Of course, you didn’t want to answer that question. If humanity is to contact God without the ability to have an out of body experience of one sort or another, our point of contact is right here in our embodied selves. That means that we already have everything we need to contact God. No special apparatus required, no special permission from an external authority (even the Church), just what we have right now. Your comment, if anything, proves my point.


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